Going on Holiday and don't want to leave your dog at kennels ?

We provide a loving and caring alternative for your dog while you are on holiday.

Your dog will come and stay with us at our family home, all dog owners are invited to view our home prior to any decisons and see for yourself where your dog will stay.We have always had dogs and will welcome your dog as one of the family.



Full Groom

This is our most popular treatment and includes a full hair clipping to a style of your choice (depending on the condition of the coat) or in line with the standard for their breed. Ear hair is removed and nails are trimmed if necessary. We then carry out a full shampoo and conditioner  using good quality and clean smelling products, repeating this as necessary. We pay particular attention to sensitive areas such as the eyes and ears. We then thoroughly rinse a couple of times and dry with high quality quiet dryers. A final trim and then an optional scent can be used if required. Your dog is then clean, fresh, smart and ready to be collected.

The Bath and Brush-Out Dogs

A warm bath - shampoo, condition, facial, then hand dried and brushed, feet tidied, nails trimmed, sanitary trim, cleaning of ears and a finishing spray.

Tidy up

A great value treatment that will leave your dog, clean and smelling great. We carry out the same shampooing service as in the Full groom but only trim the hair around sensitive areas such as the eyes, feet and bum. Ear hair is removed and nails are trimmed if needed.

Flea Treatment

If your dog has fleas or ticks, we recommend the spot-on treatment from front line 48 hours before the dogs grooming appointment. On the occasions of the owner not being aware of the infestation quality and effective flea shampoo is used.


Whether you are out all day at work or cannot walk your dog for some other reason we can help.We will collect your dog for you and give them the exercise they deserve to help them get the physical and mental stimulation they need. Every dog is different, just like us! Their exercise requirements can vary greatly. Getting a dog walker when you can't be there can be an excellent way to ensure your dog is getting their all-important dose of lively activity. To guarantee your dogs are healthy both mentally and physically frequent exercise is essential.

We try to vary the walks that we do, taking advantage of the many local walks that are available to us in this area.We provide dog walking services in Glasgow South & surrounding areas.Whether you have small dog or a larger dog, they all enjoy their walks with an Everything Pawsible walker.

  • Pack walks contain a maximum of 7 dogs depending on the individuals and the group dynamic.

  • All new dogs are walked on-lead until we can access their recall level and are satisfied that we have bonded.

  • A walk lasts between 45-60mins.

  • Dogs are only let off lead in safe areas, away from traffic.



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