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(Dec 30, 2014) Douglas & Kelly (Dexter) said:
thats another year coming to a close and a big thanks to Mark and Teresa. Dexter loves his walks and i've caught him getting picked up by Mark a few times now and it makes us so happy when we see how excited Dexter gets to see Mark.

(Dec 13, 2014) Keira & Jim said:
Our dog Hector absolutely adores Mark and gets really excited when he comes to collect him. Mark has walked Hector since we got him as a rescue a year ago and thanks to him Hector has turned into a happy and sociable dog.

(Sept 16, 2014) Tyson said:
I love when Mark comes to collect me for my walk. My owner goes to work all day and I wait patiently for Mark to come and get me. I get to run around like crazy and use up all my energy. Mark then takes me home and feeds me too. I then go to sleep until my owner comes home as I am so tired after my walk, this means that I don't wreck the house any more as I don't have enough energy left. 

Love Tyson

(June 9, 2014) Maria & Claire said:
Having to trust someone to look after our precious pooch was a big decision for us, our dog has been walked by Jim since she has been a few months old and you can tell by the way she react to Jim when he arrives to collect her that she really enjoys their walks together. Excellent socialising for our dog and great peace of mind that she is not in all day and gets some exercise and company. Flexible service that is able to respond to last minute requests

(Apr 24, 2014) Helen said:
My chocolate lab (with the blue collar in the picture) has been walked by Jim and sometimes Mark since he was 9 months old. It's obvious how much he enjoys it when you see how he reacts to Jim coming to the door. Good reliable service and I always return home to a clean tired dog. Would also highly recommend boarding service that gives me peace of mind that he will be well looked after when I'm away.

(Mar 16, 2014) The Patricks said:
Juno has been walked by Mark and Teresa since November last year. She waits up at the window in anticipation for Mark to arrive to take her on her twice weekly adventure and to socialise with all her doggy friends. Everythingpawsible is a flexible and reliable service, your four legged family member will have a ball!
(Mar 16, 2014) Gillian and Fraser said:
Jess always exhausted and dirty after her trip out with Mark and Theresa - just how she should be! Great service and so accommodating if sudden change of plans required. Totally recommend.

(Mar 15, 2014) Stan said:
I always love my walks, they are the best part of my day! I get to run around and play with the other dogs, and I always come back exhausted and muddy!

(Mar 14, 2014) Keira & Jim McCaig said:
This is a fab dog walking/grooming/boarding company. Our dog Hector has been really happy 
since he joined Everything Pawsible and Mark and Teresa always take good care of him. 
He is always exhausted after his walk and seems to have a lot of fun. Highly recommended!

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